Share your objectives to stop climate change

Organisations like Google and the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation use Objectives and Key Results internally to measure and maximise their impact. What if we consider Earth as an organisation and share our objectives?

Why we need OKR.Earth

“The biggest problem in the world is not climate change, is not war, but how can we organise among ourselves to make good decisions and carry them out.”

Alex Pentland, MIT Professor

Why to keep track of objectives?


Transparency fosters collaboration.

Achieve more

Objectives and Key Results create focus and direction.

Increase alignment

Everyone contributes to overall goals.

Fight climate change

Be among the first to contribute

Do you know any objective to stop climate change from a country, city, company, NGO, etc.? Feel free to add it to our database!

More info in this post | You can reach us at contact@okr.earth